Sharmi Basu+ Alexander Brown- Triggers

Triggers explores the nature of the body as the quintessential circuit, where our ideas, experiences and desires to manifest into a somewhat arbitrary digital world are neither valorized nor able to fully be seen, especially when concerning the feminized colored body, and even more when concerning the expression of trauma and struggle. Triggers references digital and analog triggers, side chains, CV units, toggles, and the transition from 1 – 0 as well as a reference to the triggers that send marginalized bodies into moments of panic, lust, rage, etc. Triggers in our digital world refers to a command, while in our queer bodies refers to a lack there of. Triggers is about the contradiction between what we create and what we take in and how it manifests in our digital world versus our analog body. It is paired with live movement by Alexander Brown and a video piece that uses live processing in order to create an abstract experimental narrative on the body and dimensionality.
SHARMI BASU is an Oakland born and based queer South Asian woman of color creating experimental music as a means of decolonizing musical language. She attempts to catalyze a political, yet ethereal aesthetic by combining her anti-colonial and anti-imperialist politics with a commitment to spirituality within the arts. She is an MFA graduate from the Center for Contemporary Music at Mills College in Electronic Music and Recording Media and has worked with Fred Frith, Roscoe Mitchell, John Bischoff, Pauline Oliveros, Chris Brown, George Lewis, Nicholas Collins, Laetitia Sonami, Jesse Drew, Bob Ostertag, Dr. Nalini Ghuman, Maggi Payne, and more. Her workshops on “Decolonizing Sound” have been featured at the International Society for Improvised Music, the Empowering Women of Color Conference, and have reached international audiences. She performs almost 100 times a year and has toured through the US and Canada as well as internationally in Europe. She specializes in new media controllers, improvisation in electronic music, and intersectionality within music and social justice. She currently teaches Sound Art and Interactive Art at Ex’pression College in the Bay Area. She also founded and hosts an all people-of-color improvisation and performance group called the MARA Performance Collective in Oakland, CA.
Alexander Brown is a Black experimental hip hop artist and choreographer who has had the opportunity to work with artists such as Waterstrider, Desiree Holman, Aiden Lewis, Black Spirituals, Sarah Burden, Beast Nest and Lila Rose as their personal choreographer/soloist. Brown has worked with Jikelele Dance Theatre for many years and has performed at such venues as the Palace of Fine Arts, Oakland Museum of the Arts, Berkeley Art Museum, and was featured in last years Matatu festival.
For the past 2 years Alexander has collaborated with Sharmi Basu of Beast Nest developing a unique take on decolonial aesthetics within the Bay area Electronic music scene.