Short Films curated by Bradford Nordeen

Bradford Nordeen, founder of the bi-coastal film, video and performance collective Dirty Looks, assembles a video and new media program that envisions the queer future by way of bygone technologies, posing questions as to the “global” geographies of the internet and the intersection of technologies and the body in contemporary queer performance practices.
Michael Robinson, Mad Ladders, 10min., HD video, 2015
A modern prophet’s visions of mythical destruction and transformation are recounted across a turbulent geometric ceremony of rising curtains, swirling setpieces, and unveiled idols from music television’s past. Together, these parallel cults of revelation unlock a pathway to the far side of the sun.
Chris E. Vargas, Extraordinary Pregnancies, 10min. digital video, 2010
Extraordinary Pregnancies revisits the “First” Pregnant Man, Thomas Beatie and his wife Nancy, rescripting their vulnerable yet guarded interviews with the big shots of tabloid media.
Benjamin Pearson, Former Models, 20min., digital video, 2013
In his mind-blowing biopic of Milli Vanilli’s Robert Pilatus, Pearson combines music-video footage and robotic, theoretical voiceovers detailing cultural production and simulacra to weave a tapestry of anxiety and the capriciousness of the pop music landscape.
Tabita Rezaire, Afro Cyber Resistance, 18min., 2014
A visual essay from Johannesburg-based new media and performance artist, charting the Western ring to the world wide web and the potential for culture jamming inherent therein.
A.L. Steiner + Narcissistser, Winter/Spring Collection, 13min., HD video, 2013
This playful collaboration, made for MOCA TV, is an effervescent deployment of limbs – naked and synthetic, fleshy and fallible – a free-form dance of objects, and SoCal settings to the tune of Narcissister’s noise project, Earthmasters.